2019 AIHA-RMS officer ballot is here!

The AIHA-RMS nominating committee is happy to announce our 2019 officer ballot.  Thank you to everyone who stepped up to volunteer their time and commitment for AIHA-RMS.  Current AIHA-RMS members will receive their ballot in the mail.  Here is a little bit about the candidates:

2019 President-Elect (3 Year Term): Don Archibald


Don Archibald is an EHS professional with 35 years of environmental and engineering experience in the military and with government research laboratories. He presently works for the National Institute for Science and Technology in Boulder. In this position, he provides safety, facility engineering and energy management support to cutting edge research designed to enhance American commerce and competitiveness. One of his last assignments was as the Director of the Fort Detrick Environment, Safety, and Integrated Planning Office where he led a dynamic group of employees as they facilitate the construction and operation of the National Interagency Biodefense Campus, the largest concentration of high containment biomedical research laboratories in the US. Don has held leadership roles in the military and supported several the Society of American Military Engineers Posts in leadership position. He is a CIH and CSP.


Treasurer: Brian Carnduff (2 Year Term)

Brian has over fifteen years’ experience in industrial hygiene and safety with a majority of that time spent supporting companies in the upstream and midstream Oil and Gas industry. He is certified by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) in Comprehensive Practice and a member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Rocky Mountain section. Brian has provided field safety support for various midstream natural gas companies which included inspection of worksites and facilities, incident investigations and the implementation of health and safety policies and programs which included training of new and current employees. He has supported a major natural gas producer’s industrial hygiene and occupational health program to identify and control exposures to benzene, silica and noise. He has also provided Process Safety Management (PSM) development and oversight for several natural gas facilities including facilitating and participating in Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs). Mr. Carnduff has developed and implemented health, safety and industrial hygiene programs supporting the decommissioning of facilities for the federal government and various companies in the semiconductor industry. Other projects include conducting mold, moisture and indoor air quality evaluations, and asbestos surveys in schools, hospitals, commercial properties and private residences.


 Membership (2 Year Term) Alejandra Ramirez

Alejandra Ramirez-Cardenas joined the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention- National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Oil and Gas Sector program as a Research Assistant in 2017 after completing her Master’s Degree in Public Health from Boston University. She is responsible for the data collection and analysis of the Fatalities in Oil and Gas (FOG) database. Her other research activities include the administration of a large NIOSH health and safety survey of oil and gas workers, an in-depth study of the health effects of firefighting on wildland firefighters, and contributing to the improved working conditions of the Latino workforce. Additionally, Ms. Ramirez-Cardenas has over 5 years of experience conducting biomedical research in both Houston, TX and Boston, MA, focusing on the genetic and environmental determinants of human cancers.


Legislative (2 Year Term) Kristen Hill

Ms. Hill has 6 years of experience planning and participating in a variety of environmental and industrial hygiene projects and currently works for Pinyon Environmental. She specializes in providing environmental and industrial hygiene services for emergency response, subsurface investigations, inspections, materials management projects, and environmental disaster sites. Kristen specializes in emergency response projects involving oil and gas clients, chemical plants, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and more. Often during environmental investigations, she also provides industrial hygiene (IH) services involving indoor air quality investigations, noise surveys, and worker exposure monitoring. IH projects often include investigative projects involving spills in the community or chemical exposure to employees. Kristen also has experience with federal, state, and city clients; she has written several plans, environmental compliance documents, technical reports, SOPs, and proposals for a variety of federal and state agencies. She is typically field lead during ground and surface water investigations, worker exposure studies, materials management oversight, asbestos inspections, and more. Areas of expertise include providing emergency response plans, materials management plans, and Health and Safety Plans, performing accurate and compliant environmental sampling, interpreting the field data collected, and providing project oversite and on-site experience with city, county, state and federal agencies. She has many hours of field work in the emergency response and environmental industry with a wide-range of technical information where she adapted to high-stress environment decisions.She has been a member or has attended the Fall Technical Conference with AIHA intermittently for the past 4 years.


Outreach (2 Year Term): Alexandra Spratt

 Alexandra Spratt is an EHS Professional with 6 years of experience in the environmental, health & safety industries. Currently, Ms. Spratt works as an EHS Consultant for Hellman & Associates, Inc. providing health and safety guidance to her clients. Ms. Spratt has previous experience working in the Oil & Gas industry as well as the international mining industry. Ms. Spratt graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Environmental Studies. 


Webmaster (2 year Term) Brandy Howard

Brandy Howard is running for Website Director for 2019-2020.  Brandy has been the Membership Director for AIHA-RMS since November 2015 and has enjoyed learning more about our members and the organization as a whole.  In her professional life, Brandy is a Project Manager with Landmark Environmental, Inc.  This role includes working with a variety of commercial, industrial, and governmental clients throughout the nation including the National Park Service.  The attached photo was taken this October from the Grand Canyon while traveling for work.  Brandy is very familiar with the website and looks forward to continuing to serve on the AIHA-RMS board


 International (2 year Term) Kayla Lesperance

Kayla Lesperance is a Bachelor of Science graduate with a major in Environmental Health who is currently employed with Tri-County Health Department as a Public Health Industrial Hygienist. Her previous employment was under OSHA consultation services at Colorado State University as their laboratory technician. In January 2017 she began an internship with Broadcom limited in their safety and health department and supported the EHS staff with site-wide evaluations for health and safety compliance. She began her position with Tri-County Health Department at the end of August 2017 and has enjoyed serving in public health for the agency. She currently manages the childhood elevated blood lead level program, radon program, healthy homes program and contract IH service program for other county agency safety and health needs. Kayla sits as a safety officer in the agencies ICS command and works with the Environmental Health division director, Brian Hlavacek, to further initiate Radon policy in building codes and municipalities. Kayla also manages funds for a Cancer, Cardiovascular and Chronic Pulmonary Disease Grant with the Public Health Regional Radon Roadmap funded by Boulder County Health Department. She wants to become a Certified Industrial Hygienist and Certified Safety professional.


Fall is in the air!

If you have been up to the mountains lately you will notice that the aspens are starting to change from green to yellow.  A great time of year!  To help launch you into Fall we have published the Fall edition of The Exposure.  In this issue, you will learn about Wendy Nakao in our member's corner and read an update from our AIHA-RMS president, Kyle Vogel.  Check out the latest here.





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