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Safety Matters...looking for presentation locations

Roberta Smith, Brian O'Malley and Sarah Kaiman have been busy training safety professionals how to teach the Safety Matters program.  In January, we will be hosting an additional train the trainer session in Fort Collins.  You can find the details here.  We have over 20 people trained to give the material now we just need to find some programs to tap into.  The information below gives an overview of the program.  If you have connections with students in 7-12 grades we would love an opportunity to present this program to them. 

What is it?

Safety Matters is a one-hour interactive learning module and PowerPoint presentation targeted to students in grades 7 through 12. It is taught by Colorado safety professionals to equip young people with the skills and knowledge they need to participate in safe and healthy work environments throughout their working lives. Safety Matters presents essential information and career-readiness skills through a focus on 8 Core Competencies, which are transferable, foundational workplace safety and health knowledge, skills and abilities.

What will it teach students?

Safety Matters will teach students:

  • that all workers can be injured, become sick, or even be killed on the job
  • that work-related injuries and illnesses are predictable and can be prevented
  • how to identify hazards at work and predict how workers can be injured or made sick
  • how to prevent injury and illness
  • how to identify emergencies at work and decide on the best ways to address them
  • that employers are responsible for, and workers have the right to, safe and healthy work
  • how to find resources that help keep workers safe and healthy on the job
  • how workers can communicate with others—including people in authority—when they feel unsafe or threatened

The overwhelming majority of students in this grade range will have afterschool or summer jobs before they graduate.  With the objectives above, Safety Matters provides examples within a wide range of first-time student jobs.

 How can I have Safety Matters taught to my students/ club members?

Through the partnership of CDPHE, AIHA-RMS, and ASSP Colorado, we have trained safety professionals who can deliver the Safety Matters program to your organization.  The time commitment can range from 1-1.5 hours depending on the audience.  The presentation is interactive and engaging and will give kids grades 7-12 a good perspective on job safety and how to recognize and prevent hazards in the workplace.  

What is the cost?


How do I schedule someone to speak at our meetings/ event/ class?

Contact Roberta Smith at 303-692-2791 or [email protected] to schedule a safety professional to speak.  We have people that are trained throughout the state.  


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