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Improving Data Interpretation and Professional Judgements to Make Better Exposure Risk Decisions
Tuesday, September 07, 2021, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM MDT
Category: Education

Join us for a pre-conference Professional Development Conference:

"Improving Data Interpretation and Professional Judgments to Make Better Exposure Risk Decisions"

John Mulhausen, Ph.D., CIH, CSP, FAIHA

Course Description

An increased understanding of human decision-making processes and advances in statistical tools offer exciting opportunities for improving the accuracy, efficiency, and transparency of our exposure judgments. The approach holds promise for expressing the output of exposure assessments in a manner that is much more easily understood and communicated than the output from more traditional approaches. Best of all, the decision analysis approach formalizes traditional exposure assessment processes already used by industrial hygienists today.

Instructional Methods

The instructional methods will include lecture, group discussion, and exercises performed by individuals and small groups.


Experience in conducting exposure assessments.

Learning Aids

Attendees should bring a laptop computer. The following software programs for performing Bayesian

decision calculations will be used. (Attendee access to at least one is required, while access to both is preferred to best learn differences between the two tools):

1)    Expostats

  • Web-based at
  • or download onto your computer (Windows-based PCs only) from

2)    IHDA Student*

  • Download from
    *Note that the IHDA Student software is designed for Windows-based PCs. It will not run on a Macintosh computer without an emulator.

Value Added Statement

Increased accuracy of your exposure judgments. Introduction to software for performing decision analysis calculations using Bayesian statistics.

Learning Outcomes

Upon course completion the participants will be able to implement techniques for improving the accuracy of their exposure judgments. Participants will be able to relate a Bayesian framework for decision analysis to the AIHA Exposure Assessment Strategy and use a software tool to perform Bayesian analysis of industrial hygiene monitoring data.

Course Outline

  • Making Good Exposure Decisions: Interpreting Data
  • AIHA Exposure Assessment Model: Inherently a Bayesian Approach
  • Improving Judgments: Use of Statistical Tools
  • Putting Improvement Ideas to Practice: Scenario Examples
  • Integrating Improvement Activities into Your Professional Practice

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NOTE: There is a $25 discount for this PDC if you are also attending the FTC conference. You must register for the conference first and your confirmation page and email will include the discount code needed in order to receive the discount for this event.


Member If attending conference $50
If not attending conference $75
Non-Member If attending conference $100
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