2016 Member Survey Results


One of the goals of this year’s AIHA RMS leadership board was to ensure that the services provided to the Rocky Mountain Section (RMS) were meeting or exceeding the needs and expectations of the section’s membership. In an effort to better understand the members’ thoughts in this area, we created an electronic survey that was distributed to the section’s members in September 2016. The survey directly asked questions in a number of pertinent areas to give insight about which section activities worked well for the members and which activities may be in need of improvement. We had a successful response from the membership in response to our call to fill the survey out—I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey and provide us their thoughts! The survey results will help guide the RMS leadership board’s efforts in the future in what and how we plan specific events and how we communicate with the membership, with the intent for consistent improvement in the section members’ experience.

A report showing the complete survey results was generated and has been posted on the RMS website for those of you interested in looking at the details of the responses. However, I would like to provide some summary points of the responses provided:
  • We had a total of 62 completed responses.
  • Almost 40% of the responses only attended one RMS event per year, with the Fall Technical Conference (FTC) being the most often attended event.
  • The most requested types of events that responders would like to see more offered were lunch-and-learns and professional development courses (PDCs), with technical tours a close third.
  • The vast majority of responses indicated they only felt somewhat connected and networked with other members of the section, indicating an area in need of improvement. We were provided several suggestions on how we can improve the communication from the leadership board to the membership. We will discuss these suggestions with the incoming 2017 leadership board on how we can incorporate them into next year’s activities.
  • The vast majority of responses indicated that the costs charged for events such as lunch-and-learns, PDCs, the FTC, and technical tours were just right.
  • For events held in the Denver metropolitan area, northwest Denver (e.g., Golden) and central Denver were the highest rated preferences for event locations.
  • Almost all responses rated the times that past events have been scheduled as either very convenient or of average convenience, with the afternoon (e.g., lunch-time events) being the most preferred time of scheduled events and Tuesday and Wednesday being the most preferred days of events during the week.
  • By far, the most frequently cited reason which prevented responders from participating in RMS events more is “no time/too busy”. Many noted that the time required to reach the location of an event in the middle of a busy work day was a major limiting factor in participating.
  • We were provided multiple suggestions for specific event locations, including potential technical tour sites which we will look into as possibilities for 2017 events.
  • More than 40% of the responders indicated that they would consider volunteering or taking on a leadership role in the section. We thank you for this consideration and will be reaching out to you in the future.  The RMS runs on volunteer work and we are always looking to bring in new blood for the section board and committee work. For those of you in the section who didn’t get a chance to respond to the survey, but have an interest in volunteering for the section in some capacity, please let the leadership board know!

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