Legislative Committee

The legislative committee informs members of impending legislation, opportunities to comment on proposals, and promulgation of laws impacting the profession.  Specifically, activities focus on the following:


  • Tracking and reporting on health and safety topics undertaken by the Colorado and Wyoming Legislatures;
  • Following addendums, revisions, and development of CDPHE requirements; and,
  • Keeping tabs on OSHA legislative activities at both the federal and regional levels.

Periodic (bi-monthly is our goal) legislative updates summarizing the above information are emailed to AIHA-RMS membership.  Beginning in 2016, legislative updates are also posted available once distributed.


All comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome!  If interested in helping track and review legislative activities at either the federal or the state level, please let us know!



Chairperson:  Brian O’Malley CIH